Welcome to Momseze!

March 21, 2017


Hi Ladies!

Welcome to the Momseze community. If not for the barrier of this internet thing, this is when we’d all group hug. It’s such a pleasure to virtually meet you!

We’re almost certain we’re on the path to life-long friendship, but before we start planning our secret handshake, allow us to introduce ourselves a little more.  We’re Momseze! Get it? Because we help women transition into motherhood with ease. We’re a specialized telehealth solution that connects new parents with certified lactation consultants and new baby support specialists 24/7/365.  Boom!

We know, we know- this is a long overdue app…but regardless, we’re excited to be the ones bringing specialized support to mothers in an engaging and progressive way. Our team is chock full of empathetic, funny, honest, non-judgemental, caring and supportive women, that we lovingly nicknamed “Friendseze.” The Friendseze are highly qualified and beyond excited to meet you all. Consider them a motherhood-confidant, available right on your phone to provide support and/or information on whatever breastfeeding or new baby challenges you may face.

So here’s the deal, if you’re a new momma and you’re having a 4pm, “OMG, ouch” crisis, a 3am “why won’t the baby stop crying” breakdown or an 11am, “I can’t figure this out,” moment – we’re here for you, babe. All you need to do is connect with us via video or text on our iOS or Android apps 24/7 and we’ll fix you right up. No worries. We’re even available through our website. With Momseze, you’re never alone in motherhood.

While we love helping moms navigate the challenges of motherhood, we also love talking about all things mommy (and daddy) beyond breastfeeding. I mean, who doesn’t- moms are the best! You’ll find us and our amazing team of writers here on our Tipseze and Trickseze blog. We’re going where few blogs have gone before, speaking candidly about all kinds of new parent info including sleep, post-partum depression, introducing solids, going back to work, redefining your role as a mom or dad and having fun with your partner after baby. Of course we’re available for some love on social media too. Find us everywhere @momseze.

We’re loving you & baby already and we can’t wait to get to know you more. Thanks for checking us out.


The Momseze Team


Welcome to Momseze!

Shana Lawlor

Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Momseze

Shana is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Momseze. She is a techy, a health and fitness enthusiast, an explorer, an artist at heart, a supporter of all things woman, one of those crazy aunties and the wife of a super hot, health policy geek.

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