Top Five Myths About Breastfeeding

March 8, 2017

Hey there ladies. So you’re thinking about breastfeeding and you’re starting to do some research or maybe you’re already in the thick of it. Either way, there are all kinds of myths out there about breastfeeding that can make you scared, nervous or downright feel like a piece of crap when you can’t achieve them. So, it’s time to debunk those myths because all they’re good for is causing what we like to call the “booby blues.” Here are the top five myths about breastfeeding we’re happy to debunk.

Breastfeeding is easy

We wish! In fact, many moms find breastfeeding incredibly hard and if you’re one of those moms we would like to extend a formal welcome to the infamous “this is not fun” club. Learning to breastfeeding takes a little, ok sometimes a lot, of practice and an infinite amount of support right from the start. It does get better though and it will feel better too. So, be patient with your boobs and your little one as you both learn how to make it work because when you do, just like with your pregnancy…mind blown.

Breastfeeding hurts

Ouch you say! We hear you. In the first few days of breastfeeding that is often very normal. Heck, it’s not usual for many women to need a whole line-up of professional support, lanolin crème, heating/cooling packs, nipple shields, you name it, to get through, and more power to you sisters, but that discomfort should only last for the first few weeks. Breastfeeding should not hurt. So, if it does get some help. You will make it through this and when you do we’ll be right there to give you that huge high five that you so rightly deserve.

Big boobs produce more than little boobs

Nope. Little boobs can do the same job as big boobs. In fact they are just as efficient at producing milk and babies are just as happy nursing from them as big boobs. In fact, it’s a pretty amazing thing that 99% of women produce more than enough milk for their little ones and in many cases they over produce. So, yes we agree, you are a breastfeeding super woman. You’re keeping a little human alive with your boobs. Go forth and be proud of what you’re doing, little boobs or big.

My boobs will sag

Here at Momseze, we believe in a boobs right to sag. In fact, we support equal opportunity sagging hands down but we are also very, very supportive of making sure the girls stay firmly in place. So, let’s get right to the heart of this old wives tale. Pregnancy is the culprit of any change in a boobs look or feel and breastfeeding is usually the one that gets blamed. In fact, breastfeeding will not cause any change in your boobs beyond pregnancy and that includes sagging. So, no fear ladies put those boobs to work.

You need to eat more

Not true. Really. Some women eat more, the same or less, when breastfeeding without any harm to mom, baby or the milk supply. The most important thing to eat is a big ol’ helping of give yourself a break and don’t stress about it. As long as you’re eating a balanced diet you’re doing great.

Top Five Myths About Breastfeeding

Shana Lawlor

Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Momseze

Shana is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Momseze. She is a techy, a health and fitness enthusiast, an explorer, an artist at heart, a supporter of all things woman, one of those crazy aunties and the wife of a super hot, health policy geek.

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