The Big 5: Questions Every Mom Asks, Part 2

April 20, 2018

Welcome back to our mini-series!

The Big 5: Questions Every Mom Asks, Answered by an OBGYN and one of our very own Momseze medical directors, Dr. Julie Schurr.  In this post, we’ll cover questions 2 and 3!  Stay tuned for the final questions in the next few weeks, available only on our blog!

As an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist for over 25 years, I think I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all when it comes to the challenges of becoming a new parent. For new Moms, especially first-time new Moms, I find a few basic valid concerns crop up consistently. Each question could be answered in great detail, backed up by data and with lots of references but let’s save all that for later, shall we?

2. Will I ever lose this “baby weight”?

We, as women, place incredible pressure on ourselves to look as svelte and fit as possible. Pregnancy throws a monkey wrench into this goal and although we, for the most part, tolerate weight gain during pregnancy, we become absolutely driven postpartum to return to our pre-pregnancy selves asap. I tell patients it took them nine months to get to the end of pregnancy and our bodies don’t revert to our pre-pregnant state in 6 weeks. It’s going takes more time to do it in a healthy way: proper diet and consistent exercise and you’ll be back into your Size 4 jeans (if that’s where you started) after a few months.

3. When is sex okay? (coupled with questions like will it hurt? And will it feel different to me/him?)

This is a super common question and often asked by the new Dad. I tell my patients to wait on average 4-6 weeks after delivery before becoming sexually active. This allows vaginal tears and laceration repairs time to heal and for the uterus to properly involute (shrink) and stop bleeding. Vaginal tissues may feel less lubricated and tender postpartum and require the use of water-based lubricants to lessen discomfort. Sleep deprivation as a new parent, and postpartum hormonal shifts physiologically result in a lack of sexual desire. Acknowledgement of this common issue as temporary is important to new parents as both worry if their sex life will ever be the same. I encourage women to begin strengthening the pelvic floor with Kegel exercise asap. After four weeks, other pelvic floor exercise like Pilates, yoga and barre classes can help restore muscle tone to the pelvic musculature and make sex as pleasurable as before pregnancy.

The Big 5: Questions Every Mom Asks, Part 2

Julie Schurr

OBGYN, Momseze Regional Medical Director

When Dr. Schurr isn't delivering babies or doing surgery, she spends her time in Guatemala developing a Women's Health Clinic for the severely under-served women of that country. She loves kick-boxing and working out in the gym, cooking up a storm with her two grown daughters, and playing with her big Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, Zulu.