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We connect new parents with certified lactation consultants and new baby support specialists 24/7/365 so that more moms can enter motherhood with ease. 

That’s just who we are. 

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Kathy Cline

RN, MSN, CLC, Director of Program Development and Lactation Services

Kathy is an RN with a Master’s Degree and has specialized in helping expectant and new families for more than 30 years.  She completed her undergraduate work at the University of San Francisco and became a Lactation Consultant through UCLA, where she felt blessed to have been trained by experts. She’s enjoyed developing a Mother Baby Wellness Center, which cared for more than 150 new families each month and helped 6 hospitals in their quest for achieving the coveted Baby Friendly Designation.  She’s written educational materials for both parents and professionals, as well as designed classes focused on the special needs of new parents, nurses and physicians. Professionally, she’s written and administered grants, developed community and hospital collaboratives and partnerships.  As an administrator, Kathy managed high risk pregnancy, doulas, lactation services, and prenatal education as well as Mother Baby Care in the postpartum units.



Rachel Sharp

Creative Manager

A recent graduate of the George Washington University, Rachel is over the moon to join Momseze as the Creative Manager of this team.  Between happy dances, Rachel acts as a liaison between teams, organizes media opportunities, manages and designs print materials, web content & social media and heads up the Momseze brand ambassador program.  She is beyond excited by the opportunity to create a space where women helping women is an absolute priority.  When she’s not sending out funny emails or perusing Giphy, Rachel is an avid nanny, having worked with 6 families extensively from full-time baby care to weekly visits with a Dutch-speaking 2 year old.  In her free time, Rachel likes to hang out with her ginormous cat, Hilly, support women and make art- whether it’s dance, music, fashion… or Momseze handouts.



Kelly Rush

Clinical Supervisor, Happiness & Wellness Consultant

Kelly is a Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (LCSW-C) in Maryland, and works as a Clinical Supervisor to Social Workers in her local Early Intervention Program, the Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program (MCITP). Kelly previously worked for eight years in MCITP as a Child Development Specialist, doing primarily attachment and social-emotional work with families, including those involved with the Child Welfare system.  Kelly is a trained facilitator of The Circle of Security Parenting Program, and has been trained the Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (SEFEL) model.  Prior to MCITP, Kelly worked as a Treatment Foster Care Social Worker with The Children’s Home in Baltimore.  Kelly holds a Master’s of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s of Art in Sociology and Communication from Muhlenberg College.



Like your favorite bra, our consultants (lovingly nicknamed “Friendseze”) are here for support and stay close to your heart.  
Get to know a little more about each consultant’s background below. 

Alle McCallum

IBCLC, Nutritionist, Breastfeeding Specialist

Allie lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her husband of 30 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from NC A&T State University.  With that degree, Allie has amassed over 20 years of experience in the fields of nutrition and lactation.  Allie is passionate about her work with nursing moms and babies.  Her work mantra is “I will do whatever it takes to get and keep that baby nursing!”  She enjoys laughing and having fun with her family and friends.  She loves traveling and is looking forward to the day when she and her husband can go on their dream vacation – a cruise to Hawaii.


Ashley Allen


Owner of Ark-La-Tex Lactation Consulting.  Ashley is the mom of a soccer star (9), the Queen of Imagination Land (7), and a true-blue mama’s boy (4). She has been married to the love of her life for 15 exciting years.  As a NICU/pediatric nurse for 14 years, a lactation consultant for 6 years, and the mother of three kids, she is always available as a resource for advice and counsel as moms navigate the early days of parenting. She loves to cheer parents on as they create bonds with their children and each other, and help them discover what makes their babies thrive!


Ashley Fore


Ashley is certified in maternal-newborn nursing. She worked as a hospital nurse in the postpartum unit and particularly enjoys assisting moms to navigate the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Ashley also spent time working with a breast-pump company and is familiar with all aspects of pumping. Whether it is for going back to work, building supply, or for challenges early on, she loves helping moms make the most of their time pumping.



Cherie Mouton


Cherie is the mother of 4 beautiful girls and the wife of a loving correctional officer. She has experience assisting breastfeeding moms in Postpartum, NICU, Pediatrics and on an outpatient basis. She teaches Birth and Beyond as well as Breastfeeding Challenges classes to other RNs. She has a passion for helping mothers provide life long benefits to their babies with liquid gold. In her free time she loves to travel, watch movies, eat lots of candy and have game nights with her family.



Deborah Locicero


Deborah is an advocate for mothers and babies on their breastfeeding journey, she looks forward to supporting you achieve your feeding goals. Deborah is the mom of 3 former preemies and Mimi Gaga to one grandson & one granddaughter.  A Certified Kangaroo Caregiver and activist, she speaks to both groups and individuals about the multitude of benefits that both babies and mothers receive through skin to skin holding, at birth and throughout the early months of an infant’s life.  The practice of holding babies close to their mother’s heart is undeniably very close to her heart.



Beth Villenueuve


Beth’s career began in OB/GYN over 26 years ago, where she immersed herself fully in her work and became pregnant with her first child.  At a pediatric check-up, she was offered a position at a brand new practice where she fell in love with pediatrics and motherhood.  After facing challenges breastfeeding her 3rd child, Beth found her way to the world of lactation consultants.  She is now an educator to the exhausted and confused, professional mother to a large family, zookeeper to cats and dogs, and wife to a patient, saintly man.



Eileen Snider


Eileen is mom to three very quiet and patient (wink, wink) children ages 8, 10 and 12.  They are the inspiration behind her work with new mammas.   Her experience over the last 8 years includes supporting new moms in their homes after birth and breastfeeding moms in a private practice setting.  She is passionate about empowering new parents and loves making the transition to new motherhood less overwhelming.  Her patient, non judgmental and empathetic nature makes the journey to solving breastfeeding challenges just a little bit easier.  To Eileen, nothing is more rewarding then working with new moms to achieve their goals and educating new parents.  In her down time, she loves to do yoga, travel with her family, spend time with friends, and read.



Gina Gatto-Harris

IBCLC, BS in Counseling Human Services & Psychology

Gina is a professional baby latcher, perinatal educator, and self-proclaimed baby whisperer. Her professional philosophy is both humanistic and goal oriented, with its foundation built upon empathy and compassion. With a client-centered approach, her goal is to empower and motivate women during their transition into motherhood. Her range of experience spans from working with the tiniest preemies in the NICU to long term breastfeeding toddlers in Pediatrics. She is very passionate about mental health and the healing power of nutrition, specifically during the postpartum period. She is also the proud mama of a beautiful six year old daughter, Sophia, and three cats; Sunshine, Preta, and Princesa.



Janet Brown


RN of 40 years and an IBCLC for 23 years, Janet currently works part time as a Lactation Consultant with moms and newborns in the hospital setting.  She has three successful, grown men who, of course, were breastfed, a handsome husband and three dogs.  She has experience with working with breastfeeding families in the hospital, NICU and outpatient settings, taught breastfeeding classes, facilitated breastfeeding support groups, and spoke at conferences.  She even gave a presentation on working and breast feeding to high level managers at the Office of Personal Management in DC.  Most all Federal Offices have pumping rooms now!  She love supporting families, from the simplest questions to the most complex issues. In her spare time, she likes to cook, swim, paint and work with stained and fused glass.



Jennifer Zaptin


Jennifer really loves helping families through the sometimes difficult breastfeeding process. She has a supportive husband and is the mom of a constantly moving 8 year old boy, and two dancing tween girls (10 and 12). She spent the first 13 years of her nursing career working in the NICU. After having her first child she saw first hand how challenging breastfeeding could be and wanted to help support mothers during this time. She became an IBCLC and has been working in the hospital setting, helping families from the time of the first feeding through weaning years later. When she is not driving her children to the dance studio or a sports venue, she enjoys exercising, scrapbooking and policing her two large puppies; Whiskey, her Vizsla, and Mabel, her Great Dane.



Kadiedra Jenkins


Kadiedra, otherwise known as Sis or Diedra, has 6 years of experience as an IBCLC and is the owner of Lactation Specialists of the Greater Houston Area.  She is the mother of two beautiful spirits, a singing 14 year old son and a dancing 11 year old daughter as well as their rescue cat, Bailey.  She loves helping women with breastfeeding so they can discover the unique bond she found with her children through the process.



Karen Bell


Karen is the mother to a beautiful, vivacious, and creative young woman, as well as a beautiful and talented teenager that just happens to be a dancer and violinist. She is married to a musician, composer, and arranger. She just cannot decide whether she loves helping a baby latch on for the first time, or teaching Prenatal Breastfeeding 101 more. She has experience supporting breastfeeding families in her private practice as well as in the hospital and NICU. Either way, she believe “it takes a village” to support mom in her quest to breastfeed her baby. She invites dads, grandparents and loved ones to participate in the experience, in her classroom, or at the bedside. Some time ago, she developed a “Three Step Counseling Strategy” that promotes and supports long-term breastfeeding. At her hospital she looks forward to the launch of her “African American Mom’s Breastfeeding Social,” in March 2017. She is also a Creole Chef, and owned a gourmet dessert business in the past. She loves good food and good wine!



Karin Hoffmann


Karin is a mom of 4 and breastfeeding expert!  In addition to her IBCLC training, she is a holistic health practitioner, certified clinical nutritionist and doula with over 22 years of experience educating, motivating and supporting mothers, babies and families.  She aspires to a create a space where moms can breastfeed with confidence and comfort, truly changing the world one baby at a time.



Kerry Davis

IBCLC, Behavioral Therapist

Kerry works as a behavioral therapist, primarily focused on children with autism.  She’s led her San Francisco Bay area Le Leche League and has breastfed for a grand total of 13.5 years in her life! Mother of 4 and doting grandmother, Kerry spends her free time with her family and all things Bob Dylan.



Lacy Amor


Lacy is a registered dietitian and certified lactation consultant.  She’s been a pediatric dietitian for the past 4 years and recently began mentoring lactation consultants at a local children’s hospital in Michigan.  She’s super passionate about helping moms reach their goals but when she has free time, Lacy enjoys running, exploring new places or cooking a fancy meal.



Laurie Clark-Grubbs


Lactation Laurie is her name, achieving breastfeeding goals for mothers is her game. Laurie’s expertise starts with 20 years of practice as a registered nurse concentrating on Labor and Delivery, Neonatal Intensive care and New Born Nursery. Focusing on her desire to help new mothers, she became certified as a Lactation Consultant in 1994.  She was first lactation consultant in the Commonwealth of Virginia to own a Lactation Boutique where she offered lactation education to new parents. In 2004, she was named by Washington Family Magazine as “Best Lactation Consultant” in the Washington DC metro area. In 2013, she received the “Daisy Award” as a Nurse/Lactation Consultant from Winchester Medical Center.  She’s mother of 2 daughters and grandma to 6 amazing grandchildren.



Linda Bryant-Daaka

IBCLC, Postpartum Doula

She was born and raised in Newark NJ. She has lived in Central NJ, Connecticut and Maryland. She is the mother of 10 children, eight sons (one set of twins) in addition to two daughters aged 19-41 years old. She has 5 grandchildren. Her experiences parenting for more than 40 years have given her a wealth of insights and practical knowledge. This has given her a unique perspective into supporting and empowering women and their families to parent successfully.  Linda breastfeed all 10 of her children, studied Nursing at Raritan Valley Community College and, later, Maternal and Child Health at Union Institute & University. She has worked more than 15 years in Lactation support in hospitals and public health agencies.



Megan Stauffer

IBCLC, MSW LCCE, Postpartum Doula

Megan is the mother to two biracial sons who are 3 and 6 years old, and wife to a breastfeeding/co-sleeping supporter. She teaches Childbirth Education at UNC hospital, she is thrilled to help prepare parents for their birth and postpartum journey. Her other jobs include working as a nanny to two infants and working as a postpartum doula. Her areas of interest include: tandem and extended nursing, postpartum mood disorders, prenatal education, and returning to work challenges (paced bottle feeding, breastfed babies with caregivers) etc. When she is not working with moms and babies, you will find her reading novels, crafting, and spending time outdoors: gardening, at parks, or swimming with her kids in tow.



Melissa Portunato

IBCLC, MA in Health and Wellness

Melissa lives in Miami, Florida with her four wonderful children. Three daughters, ages 11, 9, and 5 and a baby boy! He’s a very active and silly, nursing toddler.  Family comes first in her life. But other than being with them, there is nothing she would rather be doing than helping moms and babies breastfeed. She is passionate about normalizing breastfeeding, hosting local in-person support groups and fostering a global network of support online. She has a  Master’s degree in Health and Wellness, with a focus on Lactation Consulting and completed her clinical hours at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital specializing in the NICU and the Cardiac Unit. In addition, she has volunteered for WIC working alongside experienced IBCLC’s in the ethnically diverse communities of South Florida. Her husband, Fabian, is a pastor and church planter. In her free time she enjoys serving her growing church and the people of her community!



Nancy Faul


Nancy is the mother of four grown children and grandmother of two wonderful granddaughters. She has been working in the field of lactation for over 20 years and is passionate about helping mothers and babies achieve successful breastfeeding.



Sonia Lai

IBCLC, MS in Health Science

Sonia has worked in large hospital settings providing routine and specialized lactation care. She also owned her own private practice, has 2 kids (4 &8) and is a proud military wife. One thing that she learned from her own breastfeeding journey?   It is not always easy and sometimes you just need someone to talk to and help problem solve.



Nicole Shoemaker

RN, IBCLC, Prenatal Educator

But her proudest credential is MOM!  Nicole has 4 children,  three girls and one boy.  Her husband and she like to keep busy with their kids, volunteering at church and getting in their daily crossfit fix.  She considers it a privilege to get to work with nursing mothers every day as a lactation consultant.  She loves connecting with new parents and helping them see what a beautiful experience breastfeeding can be.



Victoria Facelli

IBCLC, CLE, Postpartum Doula

Located down in North Carolina, Victoria started her work in women’s health as a postpartum doula and is passionate about helping people find a plan that works for their whole family. She owns Durham Lactation and has a deep respect for all kinds of families, feeding choices and circumstances.  She loves to hear about her client’s goals and help them meet them. Her practice motto is: our greatest power is to listen.  When she’s not helping folks meet their breastfeeding goals she is building resources for LGBTQ families and hanging out on her screened in porch with her sphynx cats: Aurora and Mr. Sweaters. 



Jody Mitchell

IBCLC, BA, Postpartum Doula

Jody is a mom to two previously breastfed boys who are complete opposites; one who is serious and sweet and the other who is comical and carefree. She counts her husband as one of her very best friends. Besides her treasured family, other loves include her dog and cat, music, nature, walking, reading and potato chips. One of her greatest passions is assisting moms and families with nursing and helping them discover their own inner knowledge in regards to the care of their infants. Lactation experience includes volunteering with mother/baby on the maternity floor, NICU, and in the mother’s milk bank as well as volunteering with La Leche League and other local breastfeeding support groups. Jody worked for many years in the wellness department of a global well-being company providing telephonic lactation support and education to pre-natal and post-natal mothers and families. She also works as a postpartum doula.



Jacquelyn Ordnern

RN, BSN, IBCLC, Perinatal Educator

Proud mother of four boys and a rockstar IBCLC, Jacquelyn has managed to blend her passions for motherhood and health care into one awesome package.  Her professional and personal experiences have allowed her to help many families navigate the early stages of parenthood, particularly breastfeeding.  She knows how difficult motherhood can be, and considers it a great privilege to get to walk alongside new mothers in this amazing, yet challenging time.



Michelle Gonzales


After graduating college, Michelle began work on a Postpartum unit that cared for high risk pregnant woman mothers and newborn infants.  She also volunteered to work with the Newborn Intensive Care population.  She had a baby born at 32 weeks gestation and struggled to provide breastmilk for her baby.  That’s when she became passionate about learning how to produce enough milk for and later transition the baby to breastfeeding.  She was later certified as a lactation consultant, born out of her desire to better serve the Postpartum community.



Jennifer Guthrie-Martin

Postpartum RN, IBCLC

Jennifer is wife to a hardworking man and mom to a beautiful little boy.  She successfully breastfed her son for a year and absolutely loved it.  As a little girl, her answer to the age old question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was always simple: “a mommy.”  After 12 years of school cheerleading, Jennifer has become a lifelong advocate for women and helping moms with the most exciting and challenging points in their lives.