Ode to My Pump

March 16, 2017

Ode to My Pump

You certainly were useful,

You had proven your place,

In my rhythms of motherhood,

Through all with such grace.

You were a foreign concept to me at first,

I was not a (cringe) “pumper,” but a proud, natural breastfeeding mom-to-be,

However, then an emergency C-section occurred,

And our slightly-preemie NICU baby was beautiful to see.

My devoted husband researched and found you,

A “hospital-grade” rental with power galore,

You were never too far out of sight or mind,

Reminding me to measure the milk and properly store.

Lactation consultants were helpful and kind,

Consoling me in my frustration,

Over relying on the pump,

When all I wanted was to call the pump rental for a cancellation.

We settled in to a routine at home,

And I did not know how long I would last,

Pumping every 3-4 hours,

Cleaning bottles, nipples, tubes.  But…time just…passed.

Oh, the places I pumped,

The places you went,

Backseats of cars, bathroom stalls in airports,

Living room couches, many hours spent.

It was not without its laughs,

And, yes, I did cry over “spilled milk!”

Especially the time in the back seat of the car,

Yes, that was wet and warm milk leaking, and my shirt was silk!

Some friends encouraged and others asked, “Why?”

“Can’t you buy formula and make life easier for you?”

But I was determined to give our son the best,

And for 10 months, I did, through and through.

Allowing others the chance to bottle feed was a gift,

Father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends,

Seeing those adoring eyes lighting up in delight,

While drinking and cooing.  One’s heart just ascends.

Easing off was liberating,

No pumping, cleaning, labeling, storing,

I felt like I had all this additional time,

But then, again…10 month olds begin cruising, devouring solids, and constantly exploring!

My pump taught me that parenthood is one amazing journey,

Never as we expect it will be,

But always a blessing and an opportunity,

To truly feel a part of eternity.

–Meredith B

Ode to My Pump

Meredith Brabender

Momseze Blogger

Meredith is a wife, mother, and IT consultant. She believe the beauty is in the details, happiness is life-long learning, long walks, good books, classical music, no commercials, big trees, getting your first serve in, and children's laughter. Bravery is embarking on parenthood and being open to learning parenthood lessons along the way.

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