Nipple’s Best Friend: Comfort Gel Pads

March 15, 2017

Day 2, Baby 1: Breastfeeding was starting out rough. My nipples were in bad shape. The latch was the problem, but by the time we fixed it, we had a looooong way to go to heal the wounds that previously were my areolas. I literally wept every time I looked down at them let out a loud yelp every time something grazed by. I walked around the house topless, glaring at my partner every time he made a “Hey sexy” comment. This was no laughing matter. Bras, shirts, baby… I wanted everything an arm’s length away from my traumatized boobs.

The worst was that every one and their mother kept telling me to express a little milk and let them air dry.
“Don’t use triple antibiotic, that will be harmful for the baby,” they said.
But what about the mama? The scabs (and plot) thickened.

Day 2.5, Baby 1: God Bless sisters-in-law, or at least my sister-in-law. She found me some Ameda comfort gel pads, silicone-like inserts that you place in your nursing bra. You can reuse them for six days and listen to me carefully: They. Are. A. Godsend. As I gingerly held them to my breasts, the perpetual stinging subsided, the throbbing slowed, and my mood was lightened tenfold.

I no longer felt like an Amazonian woman who had been held down and forced to have giant rings pierced through her nipples! I could finally take deep breaths and relax a little. I was truly amazed when the wounds healed over the next three days. We quickly got into our nursing rhythm and the severity of the pain vanished from my mind as I gazed at my beautiful, healthy, baby.

Nipple’s Best Friend: Comfort Gel Pads

Jane Cheek

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