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  • What is Momseze?

    Momseze is a new telehealth app that enables parents to connect immediately via video chat, text or voice with lactation consultants and other new baby support specialists 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • How does it work?

    Users simply launch the Momseze app (available for download on an iphone in iTunes or an Android in Google Play) and press Connect Now to immediately talk with a lactation consultant (we call them “Friendseze”) via video chat, voice only or text, directly through the app, on their phone or tablet.

  • Who are your lactation consultants and what kind of training do they receive?

    We work with over 30 highly trained certified lactation consultants, located all over the country, some of which are also registered nurses (NICU, labor and delivery, ED, pediatric), in-hospital lactation consultants, doulas, registered dieticians and perinatal educators, to provide new moms support 24/7/365.

  • Does it work with Android phones?

    Yes, Momseze works with Apple and Android devices.

  • How much does it cost?

    Momseze is available as either a pay as you go or appointment based service with visits starting at $39.99 for a 25-minute session, $59.99 for 50 minutes, $129 for a one month subscription which includes unlimited visits or $249 for a 3 month subscription which also includes unlimited visits.

  • Why would someone need this paid service when so often they are able to receive lactation support through their insurance and the hospital where they delivered?

    Only a very small percentage of health insurance plans cover lactation consultants as part of a person’s regular benefits. And for those that do, it’s easy to submit receipts for reimbursement of the Momseze service. However, more importantly, we are the only service that can help a nursing mother on-demand any time of the day or night, no matter where in the world she happens to be. Any other service out there would require a mom to make an appointment for some future time rather than provide immediate assistance in their moment of need.

  • How much do the lactation consultants make per appointment?

    Our Momseze specialists receive a share of the amount users pay us to access the service.

  • How big a market is this really? (How many women need/consult a lactation consultant after giving birth?)

    More than 4M babies are born in the US each year. More than 80% of these babies’ mothers start out wanting to breastfeed for at least six months, but the majority fail, perhaps partly because there are only 3.5 certified lactation consultants per 1000 live births. Also, there are many barriers to receiving support when it’s needed – which is often in the middle of the night in a suddenly urgent and stressful situation for new moms.

  • What if someone does not feel comfortable using video chat?

    Momseze offers access to our consultants via any method that a user prefers – including video chat, voice only, or text.

  • Besides lactation support, are there other new mom/baby services available on-demand through the Momseze app?

    Right now we are focusing on lactation support, but plan to expand into other new parent services soon including sleep specialists, nutrition counseling and postpartum depression support.

  • What other apps or mobile services offer lactation support already?

    To our knowledge, Momseze is the only on-demand service providing new moms with immediate access to trained lactation consultants through a mobile app.

  • Who’s behind the company and what’s their track record in this space?

    Momseze was started by co-founders Patrick Lashinsky and Shana Lawlor. See bios below for details on their backgrounds.

Shana Lawlor

The founder of two startups and a global import/export business, Lawlor previously worked in healthcare and IT at Booz Allen Hamilton, Arthur Andersen & PricewaterhouseCoopers, where clients included ExpressScripts, Food and Drug Administration, British Petroleum and Toyota. She’s been named one of the “Top 40 Power Women in DC Tech 2014,” and to the Mindshare Class of 2015, along with serving as the founder and organizer of Arlington Small Business Day, 2011-2015.

Patrick Lashinsky

Lashinsky is the former CEO of Curb (previously Taxi Magic, which was sold in 2015), former CEO of Zip Realty (went public) and inventor of General Mills product Gogurt. Named a SmartMoney Magazine “Power 30,” and to Deloitte Technology’s “Fast 500” in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Lashinsky also received the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award. He has been a regular guest on ABC, CNN, CNBC, Fox and WSJ among others.

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