Look Good, Feel Good, ‘Mom’ Good

November 20, 2017

With so much emphasis and focus on pregnancy and the actual birth, it’s not hard to see how things could feel like they’re crashing down postpartum. Being met with the reality of raising a child is no easy feat.

If you’re struggling to feel your best post baby, some extra proactive first steps may improve your mood on the day to day.  As a designer at Cake Maternity, I spend every day helping women feel their best after baby.  Here are a few of my top tips: 

Eat well

Avoid processed foods and pre made dinners if possible.  While convenient, they will most probably contain artificial flavors and colors.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and red meat.  Eating low GI carbohydrates such as brown rice, lentils, whole meal bread and pastas will help to give you energy for longer.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks as they will give you a sudden energy boost but will leave you feeling tired and lethargic in time.  Sugary drinks are also not good for the waistline. 


Exercise is important and should be incorporated into your daily routine. 

  • Join your local gym that has a good crèche facility.  Some gyms will even run mother baby exercise classes, which involve working out with your baby.
  • If going to a gym is not for you, then a simple walk pushing the stroller is great too.  Extend yourself and increase the walking distance each week.  Take the harder route with hills rather than avoid them.
  • Persist with your pelvic floor exercises.  They are important and will to help retain and ensure the muscles in your pelvic floor region keep strong to avoid complications later on.

Mental state

Make sure you put time aside for yourself! Busy mums often forget to look after themselves.

Avoid possible resentment by asking for help to ensure you still get to do the things you love.

  • Go and get your hair done
  • Go shopping
  • A day at the Spa
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Go for a long walk
  • Take a nap
  • Go to a movie
  • Have lunch with friends
  • Read a book
  • Join a hobby
  • Attend a class


After 9 months of pregnancy you may have fallen out of love with your clothes and slipped into the comfortable rut; track pants and a loose T-shirt.

  • Invest in some new exciting pieces of clothing that are practical, comfortable and fun.
  • Opt for fun accessories to help jazz up your outfits and put a smile back on your dial.
  • Avoid trying on your pre-pregnancy favorites immediately post partum, as they may not fit. 
  • Invest in a few good nursing bras.  Nursing bras have come along way and are super cute and stylish.
  • Wearing cute underwear and bras will help to make you feel beautiful from the inside out.

Get real

Be realistic and surround yourself with positive like-minded people.

  • Avoid social media and those unrealistic images of new mums that bounce back immediately postpartum.
  • Be positive.  If you have a bad day today, look forward to tomorrow, as it is a new day.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself.  You are going to make mistakes.  Learn from them.
  • Be patient.  Weight loss may take time.  Eat well and stay active.  It will happen.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Do your hair and dress for success each day.  If you look good you will feel good too.

Look Good, Feel Good, ‘Mom’ Good

Tracey Montford

Founder of Cake Maternity

Like many women out there, Tracey is an exceptional multi-tasker! Apart from steering a global business, managing 2 young boys & keeping the clan clean and fed, Tracey still finds time to provide creative inspiration and direction to the exceptional designs of Cake Maternity. From the branding, presentation and delivery, creativity is a big part of what Tracey does so naturally and effectively. Find out more at www.cakematernity.com or catch up with her on social @cakematernity

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