“Hi, I’m New(born) Here”

September 8, 2017

Did you ever think about life from your new baby’s perspective. When babies are in their mamas womb things are quiet and dark and calm. When the baby is born they are thrust into the world of bright lights, rough hands and itchy blankets. All the smells and sounds are harsh compared to the lovely protected womb in which they have been residing. No wonder they are sometimes so unhappy!!

Instincts provide infants with everything they need to survive.

Babies know the closer they are to their mothers the higher their likelihood of survival. A baby knows when close to mama he will have free access to his food, temperature regulation, and the best protection possible. Isn’t this great?!

Mama’s body is the baby’s natural habitat

Think about it- it’s the only place they’ve ever lived. When a baby is held skin to skin this as close to being back “on the inside” as they can get. It’s not hard to see why they love it so much.  So that’s right- you can hug and squeeze that little baby till you heart is content with no worries about creating bad habits. Unlike fruit, babies get better and better with more touch and connection, they don’t spoil!

Babies are also born with the superpower of crying.

Amazingly babies can elicit people into action to get the care they need to survive! Imagine if we had a power which could get those around us to do just what we need to take care of ourselves!? Babies come into this world with many skills to help them survive, remember your newborn is “just trying to survive life on the outside”.

“Hi, I’m New(born) Here”

Willow Merchant

Momseze Blogger

Mother of 3 diverse boys ages 8 to 16, lover of all things mama & baby, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Registered Nurse(RN), International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC), Reiki Master, Certified Infant Massage Instructor(CIMI), Certified Childbirth Educator(CBE), Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician(CPST).

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