Getting Out the Door

March 26, 2018

As we all know, moms are amazing!  Though motherhood is ever-changing and endlessly complex, we love that there is a shared sense or purpose and community amongst all parents.  That’s why we’re always overjoyed to share a mother’s poetry about her experience.  Welcome to “Getting Out the Door.”

Getting out the door,

It should be so easy to do.

Hmmm, well, actually,

Let me walk you through.

Clothes laid out,

The night before.

Yeah, right,

We all promise, next time, to do more.

Where is the orange juice,

But must be pulp-free.

Mom, can we please,

Just watch a little tv?

No, focus on eating breakfast,

Your eggs and bacon.

Can’t believe we pulled that off,

No mistaken!

Now, wrap it up,

Go brush your teeth.

Make sure your hair,

Looks nice and neat.

He’s hitting me,

She’s in my way.

Oh, come on,

We’ve barely started the day.

Mom, where’s my lunch,

I thought you were buying?

No, mom, not today,

Okay, now, stop crying.

Where’s my pony tail holder?

My hair is sticking up.

Come on, mom,

Where’s my favorite water cup?

Okay, five minutes and,

We need to get shoes tied.

Why is your brother,

Running around outside?

Mommy, Jackson fell,

And skinned his knee.

He really needs a band aid,

Can’t you see?

Okay, quickly, quickly,

Let’s take care of the blood.

Brooklyn, go get,

Your coat with the hood.

But, mom, I can’t reach the hanger,

It’s up so high.

Can you come over and help?

Can you see I already tried?

Bus will be here in two minutes,

Come get in the car.

Seat belts on, up to the corner,

Not too far.

Kisses, hugs,

Love you, love you.

See you later,


(We did it!)
Waving good bye.

Those adorable faces,

Best rush – can’t lie!

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Getting Out the Door

Meredith Brabender

Momseze Blogger

Meredith is a wife, mother, and IT consultant. She believe the beauty is in the details, happiness is life-long learning, long walks, good books, classical music, no commercials, big trees, getting your first serve in, and children's laughter. Bravery is embarking on parenthood and being open to learning parenthood lessons along the way.

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