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Look Good, Feel Good, ‘Mom’ Good
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Top 3 Tips for Parents in the NICU

willow August 29, 2018 8

Do you ever feel like everyone has a role in the NICU to care for your baby but you? Often we feel like we don’t really have a specific role in caring for our own baby with so many staff members watching their every move. But guess what? NICU mamas have the most important role of all: the parent is the most important caregiver of all!

Welcome back to our mini-series! The Big 5: Questions Every Mom Asks, Answered by an OBGYN and one of our very own Momseze medical directors, Dr. Julie Schurr.  In this final edition, we’ll cover questions 4 and 5! 4. How long should I breastfeed my baby? A great question for Momseze’s Lactation Consultants who are certified as an

As an OBGYN, Dr. Schurr knows firsthand how many questions new parents have. She’s chosen her top 5 questions every new mom asked, right here on the Momseze blog.

Welcome to our new mini-series! The Big 5: Questions Every Mom Asks, Answered by an OBGYN and one of our very own Momseze medical directors, Dr. Julie Schurr.  Stay tuned for questions 2-5, available only on our blog! As an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist for over 25 years, I think I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all

Look Good, Feel Good, ‘Mom’ Good

cake-maternity November 20, 2017 19

With so much emphasis and focus on pregnancy and the actual birth, it’s not hard to see how things could feel like they’re crashing down postpartum. Being met with the reality of raising a child is no easy feat. If you’re struggling to feel your best post baby, some extra proactive first steps may improve your mood

Breastfeeding & Preemies

willow November 10, 2017 15

It is important to remember that breastfeeding a preemie is a whole different ball game than breastfeeding a baby who was born near their due date. Preemies need a little extra time to grow and develop. Often as parents of preemies we need to reset our expectations about what our baby is able to do.

Milk Sharing & Me

laura September 22, 2017 16

Ever wondered what it’s like to use donated breast milk to feed your baby? Laura shares her insights into the world of milk sharing

“Hi, I’m New(born) Here”

willow September 8, 2017 14

Newborns are just trying to survive life outside of mama and that can be tough!

Count on Change

eileen June 30, 2017 15

One of our Friendseze, Eileen, reflects on the only constant in her motherhood journey

Parental Perspective

megan June 18, 2017 17

An intimate moment between two parents and their new bundle of joy

The Liquid Ninja Your milk has antibacterial powers!!  That’s right- if it wasn’t enough that you just created a tiny human, you now hold the medicine to fight off the world’s bacteria…in your boobs! Your breastmilk can be used as medicine for eye infections, eczema, even little scratches on baby’s face. Sore nipples?  A little

Breastfeeding with Dad

willow May 5, 2017 15

Don’t worry, dads! There are plenty of ways for you to be involved in breastfeeding.

Ode to My Pump

meredith March 16, 2017 19

A tribute to the trials and tribulations of pumping

Don’t believe everything you hear! Momseze is here to mythbust with the breast of them.

Is My Baby Getting Enough?

vergie March 8, 2017 20

Feeling a little lost? Vergie can help you figure out the basics of providing perfect newborn nutrition.