5 Breastfeeding Facts You Didn’t See Coming

June 16, 2017

The Liquid Ninja

Your milk has antibacterial powers!!  That’s right- if it wasn’t enough that you just created a tiny human, you now hold the medicine to fight off the world’s bacteria…in your boobs! Your breastmilk can be used as medicine for eye infections, eczema, even little scratches on baby’s face. Sore nipples?  A little breast milk goes a long way.  Human milk has protective qualities and studies show infants who are not breastfed have more emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and treatments with antibiotics. The protective effects extend beyond weaning and to that we say: go Mama, go- you and your new bundle are both truly miracles.giphy-downsized-2

Welcome to Taco Tuesday, Little One

Mmmh yum who doesn’t love thinking about breast milk AND tacos.  Well buckle up because your breast milk will change flavor according to what you eat.  Whether it’s tacos, burgers, a salad… your breast milk will taste a little different with each meal.  Get baby ready for solids by introducing new flavors to him daily and to avoid the life of a “picky eater” in toddlerhood.  Due to early exposure to a variety of flavors in their mother’s milk, breastfed babies have more adventurous palates.  Plus did you know your body burns calories just by making milk?  Can you say, “win-win?”


To Feed or Not to Feed. That is the question.. 

This isn’t just a clever heading- your breast milk actually has cancer killing substances called HAMLET cells in it.  Clinical studies have shown these cells as effective against several types of cancer. In one study, patients with bladder cancer excreted dead cancer cells in their urine after treatment. We can’t say it enough- breast milk is amazing.  So the answer is… to feed!!


Order up! 

Your breast milk has made to order ingredients.  Smelling and kissing your baby will help you take in any bacteria or viruses that are on or near your little one, allowing your lymphatic system to in turn create antibodies and antivirals which are passed through your milk to protect your baby . Your milk is literally medicine!  So keep kissing and sniffing your way to a healthy baby.



Shout-out to Backwash

There’s a sentence I never imagined supporting.  Some scientists believe that when your baby nurses, a small amount of backwash is taken into your breast which triggers specific immune factors that are delivered back to the baby through your milk. So far, this concept remains a hypothesis, but there’s no harm in assuming this is yet another super power on your utility belt– or boobs.  


5 Breastfeeding Facts You Didn’t See Coming

Cherie Mouton


Mother of 5 beautiful girls and wife of a loving corrections officer aka the world's best chef. She has a passion for assisting moms with providing life long benefits to their babies via their own liquid gold, breast milk! She love to travel, watch movies and have game nights with her family.

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